4 Tips for Dealing with Chronic Anxiety

4 Tips for Dealing with Chronic Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful events but, when it gets out of control, anxiety can seem to take on a life of its own. If left untreated by anxiety therapy in San Diego, physical and mental issues can intensify, greatly lessening one’s quality of life. These tips can help those dealing with chronic anxiety to cope.

Chronic Anxiety, Defined

No one will experience chronic anxiety in the same way, but there is a common set of symptoms. A person with chronic anxiety may feel a complete loss of control over their anxious feelings. They may experience shortness of breath, trembling, or sweating, and they may have intense feelings of fear, negativity, or doom.

What to Do When Anxiety Flares

A flare-up of anxiety can occur unexpectedly as a reaction to stress, or even if you are not in a stressful situation at all. When anxiety occurs, it can help to try these solutions in addition to seeing a therapist in San Diego CA.

1. Breathing and Meditation

Breathing is one of the most effective ways to normalize a rush of emotions, but it’s how you breathe that can make all of the difference. Disconnect from anxious emotions and return to a more relaxed state by breathing in and out slowly.

Focus on how the air feels entering and leaving your lungs as it expands and contracts them. Meditation can help you connect with your spiritual side. A quick search will reveal many methods of meditation to try.

2. Flip the Script

You can stop negative or anxious thoughts in their tracks and feel less out of control by training your mind to challenge them. Ask yourself whether the thought or feeling is bringing something positive to your life. If not, try to train yourself by telling the thought to stop out loud or in your mind.

You can also ask yourself whether or not the thoughts you’re experiencing are true. If they aren’t, then think of the truths of the situation. If they are, think of the aspects of the situation that are causing your anxiety, and ask yourself if the realities of the situation match the level of anxiety you’re experiencing.

3. Write It Down

Seeing your anxious thoughts in front of you can make it easier to cope with them. Starting a journal and making daily or weekly entries can be cathartic. It can also help you track your progress as you attend Skype counseling sessions with a therapist.

4. Redirect Your Attention

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When anxiety flares up, it can help to redirect your attention to something you find constructive or enjoyable. Organizing your desk or a room may offer you relief. You can also listen to music, draw, or paint, or you can engage in physical activities like sports or walking.

Chronic anxiety doesn’t have to be debilitating. Matthew Bruhin & Associates offer social anxiety treatment in San Diego that helps you to lessen stress and stay grounded. Book your virtual session by calling 619-683-3774.