The Importance of Anxiety Counseling – How Anxiety Attacks Can Affect Our Personal & Professional Relationships

The Importance of Anxiety Counseling – How Anxiety Attacks Can Affect Our Personal & Professional Relationships

Everyone has suffered from anxiety during times of stress, fear, or worry. When anxiety starts to affect how a person lives their life, it can have a profound effect on their relationships. We take a closer look at how anxiety disorder affects relationships and how counselors in San Diego CA can help.

What Is Anxiety and How Common Is It?

Anxiety is both a normal and healthy reaction to stress. We may feel anxiety before important events like an interview or a school exam. When the body experiences anxiety, the heart rate and breathing increase, sending more blood to the brain so it can help prepare for the situation you’re about to experience. Typical anxiety only lasts a short period of time.

When anxiety starts to occur on a regular basis, the body experiences constant increases in heart rate, breathing, and excess blood being sent to the brain. They may also experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Digestive problems
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Sleep issues

Over time, anxiety attacks can occur, leading to many detrimental effects to the immune, cardiovascular, central nervous, and other systems. The National Institute of Health estimates that as many as 18% of American adults and 25% of youth between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from an anxiety disorder.1 Still, many with the condition wait too long to seek help from therapists in San Diego, CA.

Anxiety and Relationships

Anxiety can affect every relationship we have and on a range of levels. Unhealthy attachment patterns, such as being overly dependent on a partner, friend, or coworker, can place a lot of unnecessary pressure and stress on these relationships, leading to resentment and relationship breakdown.

A person experiencing anxiety may react by isolating themselves from relationships, causing doubt to form in the other party. Anxiety can cause communication issues as well as problems with connecting in relationships.

Chronic anxiety also affects people’s relationships with themselves. They may be in a constant state of self-doubt about their own abilities and worthiness in their work and personal relationships. Racing thoughts and overthinking can lead to people’s inability to enjoy what should be pleasurable activities with friends, family members, coworkers, or spouses.

The Importance of Anxiety Counseling

young women with umbrella

If you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s important to seek counseling services in San Diego. Therapy can help you manage anxiety symptoms to lessen its detrimental physical effects. Seeing a therapist can also help you understand how anxiety is affecting your relationships, including with yourself. Through this process, you will learn the tools and strategies you need to deal with the effects of anxiety in healthy ways that benefit your relationships and make them stronger.

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