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What is San Diego alternative sentencing? San Diego alternative sentencing programs avoid sentencing by removing the case from the court system. Court diversion is available in some jurisdictions, usually for youthful or first-time offenders. Access may be restricted to matters of property or small-quantity drug crimes. Usually the offender must complete community-oriented tasks within a certain time period, or the matter is brought back into the court system for criminal charges. These tasks might include community service, a letter of apology, attending drug or alcohol screening, or counseling groups.

Dr. Bruhin always is quick to help and provides an amazing amount of expertise as it relates to his field.
– Mary ESQ

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In some cases a judge may defer entering sentence on a conviction for some period of time. If that period of time passes and the defendant has not been charged with additional crimes or drug violations, then no sentence is imposed. Depending on the jurisdiction, the underlying charge may be removed from the offender’s record as well. States vary in the requirements imposed on defendants during the deferral period. Some simply are instructed not to commit further crimes, while others are under intense probation supervision or drug testing requirements.

At Matthew Bruhin & Associates, we have helped dozens of clients avoid jail, prison, even elongated probation as a result of enrolling in treatment. We offer help to those whose addiction has led to breaking of the law. We believe that treatment in most cases is the best option. Most research points to the fact that completing formal alcohol & drug treatment, far outweighs incarceration in terms of recidivism. We believe people get better and we are here to help. Please call us for help if you believe San Diego alternative sentencing might work for you.

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