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You helped my son get sober after 33 years of drinking. I am proud to report he is sober 18 months later. Thank you.
– Mary

Testimonial 31

Dr. Bruhin is frequently asked about being on TV, and working with those from A&E’s Intervention television show.  His answer is always the same, “A successful intervention is one of the most beautiful experiences a person, family or professional could ever experience.” To bring hope when there has been none, to restore communication and order where chaos has ruled, to see family functioning as a loving helpful unit, is enough to bring tears to the eyes.  Dr. Bruhin is always grateful for these moments “I’ve shared and look forward to seeing more successful interventions in the future.”

When doing interventions, we take the opportunity to pull from training as systemic therapists.  Out Interventionists often see the event as an opportunity to not only get the addicted family member treatment, but to treat the family as a whole.  The process is often very healing. We begin working with the family collaboratively.  We speak with each member of the intervention unit and gain personal insight into how they can be most effective in the intervention. Our Interventionist then discuss referrals and define the overall best proximity of potential rehab for the client as well as consider financial means of the family.

Dr. Bruhin usually plans a two day trip, where distance is of no concern.  He meets with the family the day prior to doing the intervention and utilizes this time to discuss past hurts, frustrations and future hopes.  He also give an educational presentation where he teaches the members about  addiction and help them understand what treatment and life with the addicted person will be like moving forward.  We then plan an appropriate meeting place to host the intervention.

On the day of the intervention Dr. Bruhin provides support and firm guidance helping what often is a very emotional time for the family and the addicted family member, as confrontation is never easy. He helps the addicted person understand what is being done and helps make sure that the intervention goes as smoothly as possible. Our office rarely performs an intervention that does not work, so moving forward we then accompany the client to the previously arranged treatment facility.

The following day our office staff contact the family and help everyone debrief. Family members often tell us that the process is often the most difficult but rewarding thing they have ever done.  The magnitude of ending a destructive cycle and often saving a life is evident.

If your family member or friend are currently battling addiction and have no intentions of stopping until they are in the grave, please don’t wait!  Contact Matthew Bruhin & Associates by phone at 619.683.3774or e-mail us at any time to start the preparation for a life changing and saving event. Distance and complication are not an issue. Our interventionists would be honored to participate.

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