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Going through surgery and knowing I had an addiction to pain meds was scary. You helped me confront my fears and maintain my sobriety while recovering from surgery and addiction. I have stayed off the pills and am living a sober productive life…Thanks!

Drug and alcohol counseling or addiction therapy, differs from other types of counseling, as it involves the very specific and detailed assessment and treatment of substance abuse disorders.  Unfortunately today, substance dependence is rampant and affects many families in many ways.  There is not one American family untouched by this disease, as alcohol and drug abuse ravages the lives of millions in the US.  With the high substance dependence rate in this country, being affected by higher levels of stress and increasing financial difficulties, it seems more than ever individuals, as well as families, are seeking help for their addicted love ones.  With drugs like OxyContin and other prescription narcotics being used by an estimated 80,000,000 in any given year, with heroin use on the rise, marijuana being legalized, and alcohol use continuing to wreak havoc, it is no wonder there is an epidemic at hand.  This is why Matthew Bruhin & Associates welcomes those who are currently in need of help from addiction, and provides San Diego addiction therapy.

As Addiction Specialists, We have created and perfected some very capable treatments and strategies that target not only current addiction, but help those who may be using excessively and are on the slippery slope of dependence.  With our assessments and treatment modalities that have worked for many clients, we are capable of helping anyone walk through and establish sobriety and reduction in addictive drive and use.

San Diego addiction therapy or Drug and alcohol counseling, can also have a profound effect on those who have been unable to manage their drinking.  Often, we have worked with those who are not dependent, but have towed the line of high grade weekend abuse for years.  We are well aware of the entrapment of a party society, and have seen countless clients and even family and friends lost to what was once considered just “happy hour.”

Many times we help individuals learn new coping mechanisms and ways to better monitor and decrease their use of substances.  Often the realization that a new and better way of life has to be worked through in order to stop the damage that substance abuse can cause. Our office staff works with people, helping them make decisions about their substance use. Our mission is to help those who are able to break the chains of addiction. They are always healthier and happier on the other side.

We here at Matthew Bruhin & Associates encourage you to seek out help if you or your loved one need hope overcoming addiction, or just need to learn how to cut back and stop a destructive pattern.  Many times addiction and abuse lies shrouded in secrecy and shame.  Don’t allow the destructive nature of addiction, to continue to negatively affect your life or the lives around you.  Don’t wait!

Matthew Bruhin & Associates offers addiction treatment services, counseling, and therapy to people living in greater San Diego County including:
La Jolla, North Park, Hillcrest, University Heights, Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, Mission Hills, South Park, Bankers Hill, UTC, La Mesa, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Old Town, Mission Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas.