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Methamphetamine or “meth” is an extremely addictive drug which is especially dangerous and has potentially life long brain damage implications for long term users. Meth addiction has always been high in San Diego due to its proximity to Mexico and storied history in Southern California. It is estimated that California is home to 80 percent of the nation’s meth labs, making the drug a major export to other states. In addition, most of the nation’s “super labs,” those that produce more than 20 pounds of meth in a single batch are located in California. California is ground zero for meth production, meth distribution and meth addiction.

For years, the production and use of methamphetamine in California and the West Coast has been way out of portion to the rest of the country. One indication of the amount of use of a drug is the number of mentions in hospital emergency department visits. These mentions could be from overdoses, unexpected reactions to a drug or from accidents while under the influence, even if other drugs were involved. In 2002, a report by the Drug Abuse Awareness Network (DAWN) showed the methamphetamine mentions for twenty-one American cities. Of those cities, which included New York, Philadelphia and Boston, nearly 60% of the meth mentions were in three California cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

San Diego has recently seen the rise of increase in distribution of meth by the Mexican drug cartels. The cartels have invested huge resources in manufacturing methamphetamine on a colossal scale. Due to proximity of the border, large amount of smuggled, high grade meth have found their way onto the streets of San Diego. In 2012, the most recent data available, 47 percent of women and 31 percent of men jailed in the county tested positive for meth. Also, Methamphetamine killed 174 people in San Diego in 2012, according to local data. Obviously, meth is still a very large problem in San Diego.

Matthew Bruhin & Associates has helped many families and individuals conquer methamphetamine addiction. Our San Diego meth treatment differs from other providers, due to our experience is treating meth, our ability to place and refer people in the community, and our San Diego meth treatment program that includes working towards abstinence, while including UA testing. We have successfully helped many patients recover from meth addition with our meth counseling and meth therapy. We also work to help people rebuild successful and productive lives that are often left ravaged by meth addition. At Matthew Bruhin & Associates we understand the level of treatment and care in dealing with hardcore meth use. We will help you be successful and will be here every step of the process. If you or someone you know struggles with meth addiction, please contact our office at 619-683-3774 to begin  the process of recovery.

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