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After years of practice, one missing element in most counseling offices, is formal help for parents or family members of addicted children or spouses. All too often we hear that Al-Anon does not work for most people. We hear from many parents or spouses “everyone just whines and nothing really ever changes.” Well in our office change happens and it happens daily! We offer San Diego family addiction treatment, therapy designed for supporting family and friends that are currently dealing with an addicted individual.

The dynamics of an addicted family model are often tricky. Sure there can be an element of co-dependency, or the proverbial and dreaded “enabling” spouse or parent, but in this office we try and take a different perspective. We don’t use harsh labels, blame people for others addictions, and work hard to understand the often devastating and traumatic losses and situation parents and spouses find themselves in, with loved ones completely out of control in their addiction. We understand that all mothers want to do is help. We understand that dads get angry. We get it that spouses see their family life crumbling and fear for their children. We get it. we understand!

Now how we help. All systems are made up of moving parts. Nothing works unless all parts are functioning the same way. This is true for addicted families as well. Often addicts get used to a certain way of parents acting. We work to create change in the healthiest member of the family. By focusing on the mom, the wife, the sober one, we often can create enormous change in the addict! We do this with support, gentle technique, and proper boundary management. We teach healthy family members what to do with someone who is sick, the addict.

We offer groups, educational sessions, and process therapy to help you gain the tools and insight into addiction to make change in your family that will lead to healing and often, addicted family members starting their own path towards recovery. Stop yelling, stop controlling, and stop making yourself crazy. Call Matthew Bruhin & Associates and let us help you through this process. Remember you can’t fix your addict. If you could, it would already be done. Call us at 619-683-3774 so we can give you the tools to deal with a difficult situation.

I just wanted to let you know that I made it to 3 months sober… I am super super happy. Sending you many warm wishes and thank you for helping me get this far…
– Evanka S.

Matthew Bruhin & Associates offers addiction treatment services, counseling, and therapy to people living in greater San Diego County including:
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