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The best therapist! Dr. Bruhin is your best bet to positively change your life. He is a very caring man that is interested in timely, long lasting changes. The best bang for your buck!
-Nicole B.

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Since its release by Merck in 1997, Propecia has been prescribed to millions of men for male pattern baldness. Since then many men have become tragic victims of a currently irreversible syndrome known as PFS, or Post-Fianterside Syndrome. It is currently unknown how many men suffer from the many side effects that are caused by PFS, on-going studies are proving that it is many. Men who have PFS may experience some of the following:

  • Brief resolution of side effects within 10-20 days after quitting Finasteride (as 5AR2 enzyme activity/DHT supposedly “returns” to baseline), followed by a complete endocrine system crash whereby Testosterone levels, LH and FSH hormones plummet to hypogonadal levels within weeks/months of discontinuation, along with numerous other imbalances such as elevated estradiaol, TSH, Prolactin, SHBG; below range 3a-diol-G levels; below range Vitamin D levels
  • Simultaneous & rapid emergence of a commonly shared hypogonadal symptomatic profile
  • Ongoing, irreversible, persistent side effects with little to variable symptomatic improvement — even years after quitting
  • Many attempts to restore androgen levels/androgenic response in a number of ex-Finasteride users (via drugs such as clomiphene citrate, human chorionic gonadotropin, Finasteride testosterone replacement therapy, estrogen/prolactin/TSH management protocols etc) often meet with little to variable long-term success
  • In some men, supraphysiological dosages of androgen such as Testosterone and DHT typically only provide a variable or brief improvement/response; often followed by a return to former state or worsening of hypogonadal symptoms once again within hours, days or weeks.

The Post-Finasteride Syndrome is a serious state of permanent sexual, mental, and physical side effects which do not resolve after quitting the drug. Most often, it is accompanied by an acquired form of secondary hypogonadism and post-drug loss of androgenic action, which remains highly resistant to hormonal PFS treatmentThis is aimed at restoring Testosterone/DHT’s effects in the male body to pre-drug virility levels.  It is also surmised by the few specialists in the medical field that a type of receptor or “brain damage” has occurred. As often seen with such damage, recovery is very slow or now questioned whether possible at all. Needless to say, men suffering from PFS are plagued with any physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that have led to long term depression, marital problems and divorce, and now several reports cases of suicide.

Dr. Bruhin has his own story of how Propecia impacted his life and how his own recovery from PFS is on-going. As a fellow PFS sufferer, Dr. Bruhin realized that there were limited resources anywhere for men diagnosed with PFS. Dr. Bruhin understands the serious impact to self-esteem and self-worth that can occur from Post-Fiansterdide Syndrome. PFS also can create huge problems in relationships due to sexual dysfunction and can have lasting impact on marriages. Countless tales of impending breakups and divorce can be found on With little to know help for men all over the world, Dr. Bruhin has begun to outreach to the many men wounded by this disorder. Dr. Bruhin provides emotionally supportive psychotherapy, marital counseling, and professional support to men working to get their medical doctors on-board with understanding the complex mental symptoms associated with PFS. Dr. Bruhin has researched and studied PFS for over 2 years and uses his knowledge base as well as his personal experiences to help and empower men going through the difficulty of Post-Finasteride Syndrome recovery.

Dr. Bruhin utilizes several treatment methods in his finasteride and testosterone therapy with sufferers from PFS. Mindfulness, dialectical therapies, cognitive behavioral therapies, as well as several relational therapies are useful in recovering lost self-confidence, repairing often fragmented and damaged marital and family relationships, and working to grieve and cope with the loss associated with PFS. Dr. Bruhin welcomes men from all over the world to join him in repairing their lives. Dr. Bruhin is available on-line through SKYPE sessions or is available for individual, couple, and family therapy sessions at his offices located in San Diego California. With more exposure, less stigma, and empowerment, Dr. Bruhin believes the fight against the illness with Post-Fiansteride Syndrome treatment will eventually end in success, repair, and a life that can be better than ever before.

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