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All too frequently, anxiety crushes not only your spirit and your potential, but your ability to take care of your mind and body.  ~Jonathan Davidson and Henry Dreher, The Anxiety Book: Developing Strength in the Face of Fear

I wish I had found him years ago. Finally, there’s someone who has something to offer other than, “So how does that make you feel?” He’s the best therapist in San Diego!
-Lindy S.

Anxiety disorders include panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias (social phobia, agoraphobia, and specific phobia). Anxiety is one of the most common occurring dual diagnosis disorders and also one of the most common psychological problems today.  In fact, here are a few interesting facts about how common anxiety is:

  • Approximately 40 million American adults ages 18 and older, or about 18.1 percent of people in this age group in a given year, have an anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety disorders frequently co-occur with depression or substance abuse.
  • Most people with one anxiety disorder also have another anxiety disorder. Nearly three-quarters of those with an anxiety disorder will have their first episode by age 21.5
  • Approximately 6.8 million American adults, or about 3.1 percent of people age 18 and over, have Generalized Anxiety Disorder in a given year.1, 2
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder can begin across the life cycle, though the median age of onset is 31 years old.

The good news is anxiety is relatively easy to treat! At Matthew Bruhin & Associates we have helped countless people with a San Diego anxiety disorder therapist. We help them manage anxiety symptoms with our treatment program, and really get relief from what feels like an ever present disaster waiting to happen. We also have an in house Psychiatrist that we refer to if any anxiety disorder medication needs are evident. Often between our San Diego anxiety therapist and medication management, our clients get real lasting relief.

Anxiety is usually genetic in origin but often becomes exacerbated by our crazy, hectic lifestyle, or events that happen to us outside of our control. Learning to deal with these situations in a specific way, as well as learning proper coping techniques, makes all the difference in the world. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is one of our primary anxiety disorder treatment techniques. CBT utilizes systematic training and anxiety disorder help in the following areas:

  • Identify and Rate Fears

Our CBT therapists help people learn to recognize their fears. These may include specific phobias such as fears of spiders, heights or public speaking. A person may also experience more generalized feelings of anxiety in generic settings or feelings of anxiety without any obvious trigger. Our CBT counselors help people to assign a rating to their fears to help determine what order to address them.

  • Exposure Exercises

In order to avoid feeling anxious, people often avoid anxiety-provoking situations. Our Anxiety therapists conduct exposure exercises gradually, using small steps to help people reduce their feelings of stress and anxiety. For example, a person afraid of dating might start exposure with imagining showing up on a blind date. Next they role play a mock date with two people and slowly works their way up to having an actual date in public.

  • Identifying and Replacing Cognitive Distortions

CBT helps clients recognize their anxious thoughts. Intense anxiety often causes distorted thoughts that lead people to imagine horrible outcomes of various scenarios. People tend to underestimate their ability to tolerate feeling anxious. By recognizing and replacing your distorted thoughts with more realistic thoughts, you can experience decreased anxiety. CBT participants also learn how to stop ruminating on thoughts that cause anxiety by distracting themselves with activities that interrupt their thought patterns.

  • Relaxation Skills

This is the good part! CBT assists people in recognizing body symptoms associated with anxiety. These may include migraines, stomach indigestion, rapid pulse, sweating and dizziness. Our creative anxiety relaxation techniques teach our clients skills to calm their bodies when feeling anxious. These techniques may include guided imagery in which the participant learns to imagine peaceful scenes. Progressive muscle relaxation helps him to relax isolated muscle groups. Breathing techniques slow heart rate and help participants to re-focus their energy and emotions.

If you or a family member suffer from any kind of anxiety, or if you aren’t sure but find yourself worrying all the time, please call us at 619-683-3774 to discuss our anxiety therapy and getting the help you need. We would love to help you get beyond the fear that gets in the way of leading a fulfilled life.

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