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Matthew Bruhin & Associates clinical staff is trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. We realize how much our families and relationships effect and mold who we are. Our families, marriages, and relationships greatly impact our daily life and at times, we are unaware of problems until some sort of major difficulty or issue is found. As systemic psychotherapists, we closely look at how all the pieces of a family relationship are working together. We often make very slight adjustments, which can make the whole unit work more smoothly. San Diego family therapy is a big part of our practice.

The best therapist! Dr. Bruhin is your best bet to positively change your life. He is a very caring man that is interested in timely, long lasting changes. The best bang for your buck!
-Nicole B.

When working with families, it is essential to realize that often times someone in the room would rather not be there.  It is not uncommon to find relationship counseling or San Diego family therapy very difficult to start. Often people don’t seek out help until an issue has become so large that it has caused a great deal of hurt in each and every member’s life. Don’t wait any longer!  It is important to know and understand that with the assistance of a trained therapist, some of the most difficult situations and problems can be resolved.

At Matthew Bruhin & Associates, our therapists work with families in a very non-judgmental but direct way. We have found that while individual counseling can be long term, most family issues work well with a brief and time limited model, addressing here and now problems and solutions.  Often, weI hear from clients that their partner or child is, “impossible to fix”, and that “no amount of therapy” will help their situation.  We often explain to these people that the most difficult thing to do is take the first step and that starting the process often reveals personal growth and insight never before realized.

We welcome you and your family into the process of our family counseling. San Diego family therapy can be a fun meaningful way of connecting people together and working on problems together. Our family therapy is helpful in dealing with transitions and difficult situations that families often avoid or trivialize. If your family needs help in any way, please call us so we can help you. San Diego family therapy can make all the difference.

Matthew Bruhin & Associates offers addiction treatment services, counseling, and therapy to people living in greater San Diego County including:
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