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Dr. Matthew J. Bruhin started Matthew Bruhin & Associates several years ago, after his childhood dream of being a private practicing therapist was realized. Dr. Bruhin is passionate about his work with addiction and family therapy. His success and vision continue to grow into new areas and treatment methods.

You got my son into rehab when no one else could…

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Dr. Bruhin is a State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Addiction Specialist, registered by the Breining Institute. Dr. Bruhin earned his Doctorate in Addiction Psychology at Atlantic International University. He also earned his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, with a Minor in Addictive Disorders from National University.

Dr. Bruhin has a diverse clinical training background. His clinical internship was done under the supervision of a Harvard educated Psychiatrist, while he directed a high end residential treatment center. He has been Clinical Director to several prominent rehabilitation facilities and continues as a Clinical Consultant with several private and public organizations throughout the US. Recently, Dr. Bruhin has embarked on building a rehab that will provide world class treatment, at a price people can afford.

Dr. Bruhin also loves to write, blog, and appears regularly on network television, as a leader in the addiction field. He has been seen on, and has worked with, clients from A&E’s hit television show Intervention, as well as the Tyra Show. Dr. Bruhin also performs local television segments in order to get the public educated about addiction, and to break down the stigma of mental health issues.

Dr. Bruhin has worked in the mental health field for over 12 years. He also works with a diverse population of clientele. He specializes in the treatment of addiction and has specialized experience and clinical training in the treatment of prescription addiction, sexual addiction and gambling addiction. He works with many individuals and families ranging from the chronic mentally ill, to high level professionals, executives, and Hollywood film producers and personalities. He has developed his own specialized and effective techniques for the treatment of addiction and chemical dependency.

Dr. Bruhin utilizes a plethora of psychological treatment models and techniques in his practice, and believes that individualized treatment planning and good collaboration will allow each client to be successful in their goals. He believes that a combination of technique, support, and rapport will allow each client to achieve the personal growth that they are capable of and striving for. Dr. Bruhin believes it’s his life’s calling to serve those in need. He works to help each individual he meets, unlock the potential in becoming the person they were created to be.